DirecOne: Customer Experience is at Our Core

As an outsourced services provider, we understand that we are entrusted with a most critical aspect of our clients’ business – the implementation of customer care. After all, in today’s global marketplace, studies show that price is generally not the most important determinant of customer preference and even further, customer loyalty. In fact, it is a customer’s overall experience and satisfaction with service which most often indicate whether a customer will return.

We fully appreciate that the care we deliver to your customers directly impacts on your competitiveness, brand, reputation and profitability.

Our business, as we see it, is to strengthen the relationship between our clients and their customers, by incorporating our clients’ unique value proposition into our unparalleled service delivery machinery; ensuring that the customers we touch consistently receive exceptional service, every time and in every interaction.

This is our recipe for success.

Founded in 1984, The Gillette Group has been a stalwart in the Caribbean Business landscape for the last to thirty-five (35) years.
Information & Communication Technology (ICT) is the DNA of the group, which was founded with the launch of our flagship company, Computers and Controls Ltd, a leading IT solutions provider.
Guided by management’s philosophy of operating akin to a venture capital firm, investing in exciting and promising businesses, regardless of industry or sector, the Group now owns and operates pioneering and dynamic entities in a wide range of sectors including

  • Offshore Contact Center Management
  • Offshore Manufacturing
  • Hospitality and Services
  • Land Development
  • Broadcast Radio
  • Entertainment
  • ICT Solutions
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Telecommunications Carriers

Our presence and position in a variety of sectors creates unique opportunities for synergies across industries and value chains.